Best sounding Johnny Cash CD(s)?

This is a genre I’m just not very familiar with but have of late taken an interest in hearing some really well-recorded Johnny Cash on CD or maybe even if there are any good 24/96 DAD or SACD recordings out there?  I’ve also got Qobuz so if anything particularly good there that’s fair game too. Of course the music’s gotta be captivating too so there’s that (I’m sure even the great Johnny Cash had a dud or two).  I could sift through all this myself but hoping some of you more experienced “Cashophiles” could save me a ton of time and point me in the right directions.  Thanks for any suggestions!


I enjoy his latest Bears Sonic Journals Johnny Cash at the Carousel ballroom. Bear had a unique way of recording so you may want to read some reviews before purchasing. PSaudio has a great review in their Copper magazine on line.

There are six albums in the American Recordings series. I have all of them. They are excellent!


Thanks guys.  I’ve got a lot to go on now.  I noticed The Man in Black didn’t get any mentions.  Is it the standard compressed mass-market recording made for radio and Alexa? 



Excellent suggestions as above. Add;

"Live at Folsom" SACD


Happy Listening!