Best Sounding Musicians

I'd like to compile my list of best sounding musicians under any circuimstances regardless of recording quality and regardless of instrument played or style -- will list. Many of us know that ability of musician to get best sound of instrument is also boutique ability and definitely part of musicians talent. For that ability I nominate following:

1. Jascha Heifetz -- violin
2. Bill Frisell -- electric guitar
3. Stan Getz -- tenor sax
4. Pat Metheny -- various guitars
5. Adrean Belew -- electric guitar
6. Wolfgang Hafner -- drums
7. Nils Peter Molvaer -- trumpet
8. Julie London -- voice
9. Richard Bona -- electric bass
10. Charlie Haden -- string bass
11. Joey DeFrancesco -- B3
12. Eric Clapton -- electric guitar
13. SRV -- electric guitar
14. Van Cliburn -- piano
16. David Gilmour -- electric guitar
17. Carla Bley -- piano
18. Jason Veaux -- acoustic guitar
I may also ad Ambrose Akimusire to add some colors:-) as he indeed very masterful and unique trumpeteer.
Obviously plausible arguments could be made for countless artists, but I'll nominate a few of my favorites in the vocal category:

Classical female vocalist: Dame Kiri Te Kanawa.
Pop/jazz/folk female vocalist: Judith Durham.

Classical male vocalist: Jussi Björling, Luciano Pavarotti.
Male vocalist (various genres): Paul Robeson.

-- Al
My very favorite "best sounding musician" is Louis Armstrong. The first musician I can recall that made me feel that he was singing through his instrument.