Best sounding op-amp

I have a stock Music-Hall CD-25 that I'm planning on doing some 'easy' tweaks on. One of tweaks I had in mind was changing the op-amps. It currently has a pair of Burr-Brown OPA2134PA's, but I was curious if anyone had any experience/suggestions on other op-amps that might produce a little 'warmer' sound. Possibly considering one of the Analog Devices op-amps like the AD823 or AD827. Any feedback or recommendations would be appreciated.

Agree spec is not always the best gauge. However, I read many postings that majority of them prefer the AD8610/AD8620 over OPA627 from their setup. I'm not sure it has to do with spec or how they setup the Op-amp. I know the decoupling cap choice can also vary the sound. I've tried many different values and got very different results. Instead of paying the super high price to test, I got the AD8620 to start. I'm not expert here. You should really check diyaudio website. There are thousands of postings regarding to op-amp choice in the gain card type amp to cd players.

ne55** series quite neutral  and quite good for non crotical listening  but for critical listening i will choosr opa2***  ,, the ic is very good thd and bring life to happy , mostly in first and second stage that ic and please do not use in final stage like in power amp driver because it will be no good ,,low level sigmal only please ,, anyway i have question about transistor   anyone can know ????????

I like the OPA1611, but I think it’s only available as a surface mount part. I’ve seen little DIP adapters but for them though.