Best Sounding Tube Integrated Amp

I'm looking for a sweet, colorful, liquid like quality that I have heard in tube equipment of the past. The Dynavector 3000 pre-amp, if anyone remembers hearing this, is a good example. Almost as if there is a slight harmonic shift making strings stringier and bells more shimmery. Recently, tube gear has been characterized as warm or smooth and I think manufacturers are targeting a neutral sound. This misses the boat for me. I'd like something with clean tight bass even if slightly attenuated and an extended high end. Even a tube amp if I could find a tube output CD player with a high quality volume attenuator. Any advice? I'd prefer not to spend more that 3-4k.

You need not spend $3-4K. For $1345, you can pick up a Prima Luna Prologue Two. Upscale Audio was in on the design of the Prima Lunas and is the primary dealer for these units. The bass should be pleasing to you, though my first inclination is that the bass that you feel and hear is pretty much speaker dependent. I have used my Prologue Two with Acoustic Research 302 speakers (3 way, acoustic suspension, go down to 35hz) and Omega Super 3 speakers (single driver, high efficiency) and the sound is very musical and 3D like.

Regards, Rich
second the audiomat for a low cost but very good solution..if you can find a solfege I'd go for that one
I would take a look to the Unison Research units, excellent sounding, great looks and decent pricing IMO.