Best Source For Quality Jazz CDs?

Since I will be assembling a serious audio system in the near future, it's time to abandon the iTunes downloads & start rebuilding my CD collection. Is there a particularly good source for high-quality jazz & other CDs? In the past I have purchased CDs from BMG admittedly because they were relatively inexpensive. But now I am primarily concerned with quality. Thank you.
Excellent! Thank you for the info. I'm curious...are there any particular labels or CD distributors that I should avoid because of inferior recordings?
Have to mention Amazon. You can get some very nice prices from re-sellers on quite a few different artists.
Eastwind Imports has some really tasty Japanese import labels. Not cheap but shipping is reasonable and extremely fast.
Check out the Concord Record label site.

I would NOT recommend trying to purchase anything from the Chesky site or from the company itself... Great recordings but I'll NEVER give them any money again - they really screwed me.
BMG Music Club always surprises me (in a good way) with the large amount of jazz they carry. Sound quality varies widely between titles, of course, but BMG cds are the same quality as cds sold anywhere else.