Best speaker and placement for loft?

I live in a 1'600 sq. ft. rectangular loft with 12 ft. ceilings. The 'rooms' are defined by furniture, floor covering, etc but not interior walls. I've tried several different floor placements but nothing works well everywhere. In my similarly-sized woodshop I hung speakers up out of the way.
Any thoughts on speaker type? Placement?
What about Ohm speakers upside down on the ceiling?
I've got a listening area with a DIY TT and Scott tube int. amp driving Vandersteen 2Ces but I need sound for the rest of the place...
Oh, whatever speakers I settle on will be driven by a pair of Rotel amps, a Rotel pre-amp and a Rega CD, or iTunes sent over from the computer.
What about a pair of Klipschorns, that is if you have the corners to put them in - sounds like you do.
I'm looking to move into a loft as I have Klipschorns, hence my advice.
Good luck.
Piqued by Andre's comment, I can attest to the joy of good horns in a loft. I had Edgarhorns and Bruce's refridgerator-sized, Seismic sub when in a 2000 sq ft loft w/ 14 ft ceilings in Chicago. It was really wonderful. The space allowed the speakers to really shine ... and the speakers could really fill the loft with music.

The speakers were only about two feet from the rear wall and listening seat was about 12-14 feet away from the speakers - it was a virtually ideal set-up and provided some of my favorite listening experiences.

I was running either 2A3 or Type 45 SET amps with them.

If you have not yet committed, one of the keys to investigate is the degree to which the loft is sound proofed from unit to unit. The older lofts (unless exceptionally well-done) can be virtual tin cans w/ strings! :>)