Best Speaker cable in the $400.00-$500.00 range for 2 meters

I currently have a Rogue Audio Magnum power amp, Rogue Preamp, Triton 5 speakers with 2 SVS subwoofers,
and a Cary Audio CD player. My current speaker cable is by Discovery Cable. Looking to upgrade my cable and
was recommended the Nordost White Lightening which retails for $377.00 a pair for 2 meters and the Nordost Purple Flare, both in the Leif family of Nordost for $500.00 per pair  for 2 meters. In short my budget is
 $500.00 per pair. If there is any other cable that can be recommended in my price range that my be superior
 I would appreciate any suggestions.  Looking for the best use of the $500.00.
Try the Discovery Essential if you have a lower level Discovery.  Also Cerious Graphene Extreme.  I am using both.  I prefer the Cerious but the Essential is also excellent
You should try Wireworld. I don't claim they are best though, but good value and may mesh well with your system. 
kjl1065 and jkl35:
How would you describe the discovery cable you are currently using?  I am considering a cable change and am looking for a neutral yet open sound. I understand Discovery cable is quite good overall.

Old model Cerious Tech Cables, Teo audio game changer 2m used, they showed up for $400 at times.used Audioquest cables as well...