Best speaker Cable matching Wilson Audio Sasha

Currently using Kimble Kables 8TC to connect the amp to the Sasha speakers. But would like to upgrade to better suit higher end gear. Amp is Plinius SA-Reference, source is Wadia S7i cd player/DAC. Plinius connects to the Wadia by Transparent MusicLink Super interconnects.

What speaker cable would be recommended for my situation? I would prefer to keep the cost under $3,500. Cable length would be 20 feet.
+1on the Auditorium 23, not well known (marketed). I have them in my reference system and the aren't crazy $$$ I believe they run $950/8feet. FWIW I have Kimber TC12's in my office setup.
That's too much money to take chances. I would call The Cable Company and have some demo cables sent out so you can try them first. I would definitely consider going with something solid core. I have some Tara on my Wilson's that work very well. AQ is good too.
Happy New Year, Shivaji-

I would strongly suggest to match Transparent speaker cables to your system. Contact Transparent and ask for Brad.
He is helpful and easy to work w/ on building a cable/power cord system. Keep me posted and happy listening! JA
For what it's worth, I have a pair of Sophia 3s and use Transparent for both ICs and speakers. I'm very pleased. Wilson recommends Transparent with their speakers. NAD streamed to Mac C2500 and Levinson amp. Problem is, I don't think The Cable co distributes Transparent to test. I'm sure your local Transparent dealer would give you a test drive.
Wilson audio test their speaker's with transparent audio cables, which I do like, they work great together, however, getting the transparent cables at 20 feet at your budget will not happen, you will have to spend big money for big money speakers.
Well Audiolabyrinth, what cables do you recommend? Have you ever heard of TARA cables? That's what I have on my Wilson's.
Hi Zd542, what model Tara Cables do you have on your system?, everyone know's Tara Labs is my favorite cables above anything else, still, I do like Transparent cables, back in the day, Dan D Agostino when he was with krell, Dave Wilson, and Transparent cables were very good friend's, they started their business at the same time, and in turn, they use to have each other's equipment in one system for show audition's, do you remember that back years ago?
I have to also recommend staying with Transparent. I have Wilson loudspeakers and was amazed when I placed both the interconnects and speaker cables into my system. I am also using Super cables. It sounds as if you don't want to stay with Transparent? Try and find a used pair on here and try them. I was against them until my local dealer brought over a pair for me to try in my system. The sound now emits from a black background with a really low noise floor evident on those recordings that can take advantage of it. The soundstage also opened up as never before. I now use all Transparent cables except for their p/c's.
My focus is always on the end results. Because this will be
the sound you will get. The results can be influenced on many
different ways.

My question first is if you are using the series 1 or series 2
of the Sasha. I think when you use series 1 I would go for
copper. Because silver can cause some harshness in the mid and
high freq.

You need a long length and your max is (only) 3500 dollar.

Let me tell you this. I have done thousends of tests and still
counting. It never stops. As a perfectionist the best results
counts and everything what is less good is useless in my
world. When you test and listen to the best cables available,
you are aware of one thing. THEY ARE AN ESSENTIAL NEED. They
give you things even a poweramp which is 2 times as expensive
will not give you.

That is why I make my clients aware how to get the best
endresults for the money they want to spend. Results counts
most. This is how I work; to create a superior endresult
compared to any competitor. Audio is that simple. And that is
why the best and most convincing sound always will win. In my
world it does!! Outperforming other competitors is the most
fun in my job. And it gives you the biggest smile on your face
all the time.

3500 dollar for a 20 feet cable is not a lot, when you see to
the other parts of your set. I can garantee you that I could
have created a superior endresult when I would have spend the
money you spend on audio. All the parts togheter create the
endresults including the acoustics.

You speaker like any speaker has a level in quality. You want
to get the most out of the level in quality it can give.

I have proven that with the best loudspeakercables,
interconnects and powercables it is easier to create a higher
endresult than when you would spend this money on a more
expensive poweramp, pre amp or source.

I don't say that these parts are less important. Because they
are still extreemly important. You can spend the money only

I can garantee you that with the money you want to spend on
loudspeakercables it is not in balance of the rest of your
set. The weakest parts will still influence the endresults the

A few examples I used here at audiogone a few times. Test with
the Wadia S7i you also use. We compared a Heavensgate
powercable ( 2000 euro) against the Purist Audio Limited
Edition. The last one cost twice the price of the Heavensgate.
We are amazed that it outpefromed the Heavensgate on all parts
with a huge difference. We agreed that the level in quality
was even more than double with the Purist.

For a few months I own two sets of the latest Audioquest Wel
Signature xlr interconnects. They put listening to music to a
new level which I never experienced with any other system
regardless price. 2nd and 3th voices are so much more physical
and open and easy to hear. I never could hear the differences
in heights this easy. Even with sets of 400.000 euro I could
not hear it this good.

Transparent uses only copper and give a musical involving
sound. But........there is a big but.....when I compare it to
the best Audioquest cables you are stunned how much detail is
missing. How much lower the black level is. And how less sharp
the individual focus of instruments and voices are comapred to
the best silver cables of Audioquest.

When you own the series one I still think copper will work
best. But......silver will not work based on the properties of
your tweeter and speaker. I am sure you will choose for
copper. And I even understand. my world I know
you will miss details and separation with a lower black level
than what would be possible these days with other stuff.

That is why audio is all about properties. When you are aware
of each single property a speaker, cable, conditioner, amp,
pre amp and source owns you have a chance to get the best out
of it.

"01-06-15: Audiolabyrinth
Hi Zd542, what model Tara Cables do you have on your system?, everyone know's Tara Labs is my favorite cables above anything else, still, I do like Transparent cables, back in the day, Dan D Agostino when he was with krell, Dave Wilson, and Transparent cables were very good friend's, they started their business at the same time, and in turn, they use to have each other's equipment in one system for show audition's, do you remember that back years ago?"

Sorry, I just noticed that post. I have The 2 IC's and speaker cables. And yes, I do remember back that far. I remember comparing The 2's to the Decades and as luck would have it, I preferred The 2's and they were only twice as much money as the Decade's. A bargain if there was ever was one.

Also, regarding Transparent, have you ever noticed that everyone complains about the boxes on MIT cables but not on Transparent? I always wondered why that was so.

One last thing, before I forget. No doubt you noticed this person, Cody I think, says he's from Tara and is asking a bunch of weird questions. Is he for real? His posts are really strange, and there's something about them that just doesn't seem legit. If you don't know who he is, its probably safe to assume that he's not with Tara.
Hi Zd542, no, I have not noticed any one named Cody that say's he is from Tara lab's, what user name does he go by?, also, to be clear here, I know every one on the entire staff at Tara Lab's, and cody is not one of them, you can E-mail me to further conversate about this matter, likly would be best., thankyou for your reply, and the Tara lab's The Two is a fine cable, congrat's.

I knew his posts were BS. There are not the kind of topics that anyone at Tara would bring up. My guess is that he's from this company Behold. He made these 2 posts.

"Hello! My name's Cody; I work for TARA Labs. Not here to promote anything, this is just a disclaimer.

It seems that the majority of termination requests we receive at TARA Labs are for balanced (XLR) lines. Personally, I use unbalanced (RCA) interconnects with my Cary system setup, which seems to work quite well. I would be interested in hearing other opinions regarding XLR vs RCA?

(Please note that I have posted this on a few forums. I am not spamming, but rather would like to hear a wider range of opinions. I will make an effort to respond to all appropriate posts.)
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"Hello again!

We at TARA Labs have been having a lot of fun auditioning new components for our listening room. One recent subject is our Behold Gentle G192 Media Player. It functions as a music server, amplifier and preamplifier, DAC, and DSP corrector. Musically the sounds are very detailed and well-defined, but without the analytical nuance quality that some digital components produce. Rather the sound seems well extended, airy and open overall. Has anyone else tried this media player? Are there any similar products that you have had good experiences with?
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See what he's doing? In the first post he's kind of breaking the ice by talking about the connectors. Then, when he thinks he built up some credit, we get post number 2. There's really no question that he's a fraud. I'm sure that if Tara contacts Audiogon, they'll shut him down immediately.

Now, the most important question. How the hell did you miss those 2 posts! lol! You're like a bloodhound for any threads mentioning Tara products.
Zd542, please direct me to this, I cannot catch everything, only humane,with those post, I agree with you, a fraud that need's investagated!
"Zd542, please direct me to this, I cannot catch everything, only humane,with those post, I agree with you, a fraud that need's investagated!"

I wasn't being serious. I know you can't catch every everything.

Go to the link Ronnjay lists in his post. It takes you right to it.
Thankyou gentleman, the link worked, I will call Tara lab's monday and ask about this person and get to the bottom of this, look for a resolution soon, BTW Zd542, I agree with your opinion about this person.
well as it turns out, codyTara does work at Tara Lab's, he is not in enginering or any thing like that, not sure exactly what he does there, however, he has been authenticated, I was told that he is a new audiophile and is learning all about our hobby.
"01-20-15: Bo1972
So he exists!!"

Yes. And by the looks of it, he needs a teacher. It's up to you Bo. Make an audiophile out of him; nothing less than full 3D.
Zd542, I enjoy your humor, it's great to get a laugh in a audiophile world that is so serious!,@ Metralla, your welcome.
2D I CALL STANDARD AUDIO. Because a simple 100 dollar costing
amp will build the stage the same way.

The biggest problem is that most products in audio are 2D. In
combination with the low level in knowledge of most people who
work in audio manny people get 2D sound. I see it as a rip
Transparent was always the best fit for my Wilson based and B&W based systems....shockingly lifelike reproduction with extreme low level detail and contrast with a killer dynamic swing. Natural huge sound staging and harmonic envelope as well.
Transparent cables are easy to use cause of the musical mid freq. But......there is a limitation! When you want the best they never will give you ultimate blacks, timing and physical individuela focus of some competitors. When you compare their best cables with the pure silver Audioquest Wel Signature you know what you loose. Then there is no way back anymore. Audio is always about the best endresults.
Over the years I've noticed that people criticize MIT heavily because of the network boxes on their cables, but with Transparent, people seem to ignore the boxes. Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed it as well?
MIT has done not enough research to improve their cables.
Audioquest has outperformed them easily. In the last 3 years I
win every battle against MIT cables with ease. The distributer
in my country stopped even with MIT. Because the sales of MIT
are dramaticly.

Transparent works very well in sets with tools which are not
that easy in the mid and high freq. will loose too
much details compared to cables like Audioquest Wel Signature.
In the last months I found out that I outperform many highend
sets based on a superior blacklevel, timing, individual focus,
articulation of voices,open mid including the edge of a voice,
deeper and wider stage and much more differences in height. This
is based on more tools, but the cables still have a big
influence on the overall sound!

I would also look at the transparent lime but would want to be at the ultra line minimum better to look at the reference or higher. It has been along time since I listened to audioquest I never liked there silver wire from years ago but things improve found a hardness in the I didn't care for thinking back to lapis diamond days. Just started trying furutech wires the first one I am really fond of. Lots of detail and no hardness. That is with just one piece very limited experience with them at the moment. 



Tara Labs Muse would sound wonderful with great detail, bass,stage and dynamics.Jump on them ASAP!!