Best speaker cable ????

I own a pair of Infinity Epsilon and these are B-ampt by a pair of Mark levinson 23.5, the pre amp is a ML 380s. I need some advice on speaker cable for the high's and the low's please help me out.....
Try Transparent Audio Labs. You will probably need to go to at least the TAL Super model. I have a ML 380S and ML 332 with B&W 801's. Sound is great. Transparents work very well with Levinson. You may also want to try MIT. I've have mot tried MIT's but they are highly recommended.
Running a Levinson 336 and Thiel 7's. Using Transparent Ultra cables bought on audiogon for a good price. Transparent cables provide a very nice sound.
I'll support the Transparent advice, work great with Levinson. Haven't heard MIT with them but you might want to give them a try also.