Best speaker cables for longer runs

I realize people like to keep their speaker cables short, but a redesign of my rack placement may necessitate runs of 20 feet or more. Any particular brands work well under such circumstances?

I have a theta dreadnaught ii and b&w 802d. Cost may be an issue as price does mount up.
Thanks for the suggestions. I currently use Nordost Blue Heaven, and like how they sound. However I find them very messy to work with, because they never really lie flat, get bent and crinkled, etc. I am also not sure I want to spend the money to get Nordost in long runs. But I would like to substitute something that won't sound worse.

Who sells Ocos? Don't see many advertisments for it?
I guess Anti-cable would be an interesting try, price certainly is right.
Contact Dynaudio North America to find your closest OCOS dealer.

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I have used Canare 4S11 for 15 meter runs and it works very well. Neutral, easy to handle, and perfect for biwiring.
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