Best Speaker Choice for my very "non-audio-friendly" Living Room

New to A-Gon, and looking for advise on purchasing a set of speakers.
My room is about as sound stage unfriendly as you can imagine (Hard to describe) as the center of the room is a huge fireplace with speaker placement options limited to about 25' apart from each other on each side of the fireplace. The room is approx 30' by 14' so my listening distance from each speaker is 15' & 16' from my center chair.
With that said, I have always (maybe wrongly) been inclined to buy big powerful speakers in an attempt to fill the room with good sound.
Up til now I have been running an Anthem 540 Amp, and running my fronts through a Peachtree 500 from the Pre-Outs on the Anthem to a set of Cerwin Vega Twin 15's. I actually liked the sound of this setup, but the twin 15s were just huge and honestly obnoxious on the living room (my wife had a stronger opinion on that than I did lol) 
So, I have moved the big Vega's down to the shop / pool room  and thats where they will live with a modest emotiva amp/pre amp combo that works well. 
I like the option of a Klipsch Cornwall (old school look, but much shorter and more esthetically appealing than the Vega's or maybe a set of Focal 948's which I listened to at the local shop. Both of these options are in my price range, and I "think" would give me the sound / performance I loved with my Old Vega's but look much better in the room. 
Any advice from the experts on this forum would be greatly appreciated. 
Without some measurements like room response, I can mostly assume (rightly or wrongly) that some room correction may be more important that the speakers at first? Once the room is treated and corrected then better speakers could produce a better sound.
Or do I have it wrong?
+4 for Ohm Acoustics. Go to to their site and pick the model that corresponds with the volume of your space. Ex. 14' x 30' x 8' (assuming 8 ft. ceiling height).

Looks like that would put you at the Ohm Walsh Tall 3000

Or better yet just call them and speak with John or Evan.

Best of luck!!!

Your wife would love these & so will you
See if you can find a pair of Olympica II's (Graphite) around $6K & place them on each end of the hearth floor.
Again on the Omni’s. You can’t really go wrong with the radial sound in an acoustically bad room. Of all of the high end speakers I’ve had, my wife’s favorite was a pair of relatively inexpensive Decware ERRx radials. She loved the sound coming from everywhere. I also liked the sound but they weren’t refined enough for me.