Best Speaker for classical music

I'm trying to find the best speaker between $25000 and $40000 for symphonic music. I listen to other things too but that's my reference.. Interested in Wilson, B & W, Rockport, Canton
McIntosh makes some large Speakers that are awesome at rendering classical music correctly.
Vandersteen 7 would be the best I know of and have heard, although those are a bit above your price limit unless you get them used. For new, Verity Amadis or Vandersteen 5A Carbon. I have the Verity Amadis in one of my systems and they are superb for symphonic and other large scale music. But the Vandersteen 7 plays in another league entirely.

Good luck!
Wilson's inner detail, dynamics and coherence work for me with classical....and everything else. Maxx 2 or 3 used are in your price range if your room is large enough if not Sashas !!!!!!