Best Speaker for classical music

I'm trying to find the best speaker between $25000 and $40000 for symphonic music. I listen to other things too but that's my reference.. Interested in Wilson, B & W, Rockport, Canton
Wilson's inner detail, dynamics and coherence work for me with classical....and everything else. Maxx 2 or 3 used are in your price range if your room is large enough if not Sashas !!!!!!
You're right if the system can play classical music well then it can easily play everything else!

The right choice of speaker also depends on your electronics and room. I'm not familiar with the Cantons but all other 3 manufacturers make fine speakers, the problem is that most of their speakers in theses price points are generally difficult loads to drive. Your amplifiers are an important part of the equation here.

Personally I would bypass them all and look at horns for speed and large scale dynamics but that also depends on your electronics.

Disclaimer- Audio Dealer
I would audition poly directional speakers such as shahinian. I think those are best for classical.