Best Speaker for Ongaku

Finally purchased my dream amp, a Kondo Ongaku.
Looking for a suitable efficient speaker match for a
small-medium size room.

Some speakers I'm currently considering include ANJ's, smaller Proacs
etc. Can't use horns or large box speakers due to size limitations.
Hi Jzach,I would suggest the Teresonic - "Ingenium Silver" these are the best Lowther based speakers that I have ever heard. Go to the Dagogo website and read the review.
Good Luck, Tish
hi Jzach, congrats on acquiring yr dream amps.

you wouldn't necessarily hv to use a pair of higher efficiency speakers if yr room isn't that big (although there are still benefits in doing so). however, i/o making wild speaker suggestions w/out understanding yr tastes/limitations/etc., i suggest you try better tubes on yr Ongaku to maximize them.

good GZ34 rectifier tubes makes a noticeable improvement across the board (metal base Philips Miniwatt are the best i've tried. they are sometimes aval. on ebay, but aren't cheap).

selection of input tubes (5687 & 6072) will depend on room/associated components/tastes. as for output tubes (211), i've found RCA superior to GE (more detail & delicacy).

good luck & enjoy yr Ongaku.