best speaker for real world music

when i write real world music i mean rock(pink floyd)rap(eminem)pop(madonna)reggae(bob marley)r&b(toni braxton) you can read between the lines i love bass, but not boomboom cerwin vega forward treble, liquid mid is ok (voices).used to own a pair of dynaudio contour 3.0 with musical fidelity gear, but cound´t play loud kef reference 203 maybee, open for suggestions.please no classical lovers blurps, i respect your taste, please respect mine.thanks
Check out these speakers from Tannoy. They're designed for recording studio use and can go quite loud if given enough power (>150 watts).
Interesting question. I like classicial music, I suppose, but I spend most of my time listening to music with a beat (plus a lot of softer vocals and bluegrass). I was listening to some Mississippi blues, Zydeco and reggae today on my Harbeth K6's (discontinued model). I also have Harbeth HL Compact 7's, on which I listen to the same kind of music. They play loud and undistorted. They just don't do much below 50 hz (though that really isnt important with rock and reggae - most of the heavy bass energy in that music is above 50hz). To go lower, you need a sub (I use one with my K6's, but not with the Compact 7's).

Somebody mentioned Tannoys. I don't know what they sound like. But, the British are always talking about PRaT, pace rythm and timing, and tuneful bass, and are big fans of rythmic music, so I would guess that most British speakers do well with rock, except for the little tiny minimonitors that can't play loud. Except, again, the original Harbeth HL-P3, no deep bass, but they rock.
Great question. I'm in your camp. Listen to a lot of popular music and so-so recordings and don't need a speaker that takes all the enjoyment out of the music by exposing the recordings faults. I recently looked into speakers under $1500.00 that fit this criteria and ended up choosing the PSB Bronze. Forgiving treble. Has bass. Nice mids. Inexpensive. Plays loud - Takes all an Aragon 4004(200w) and close to all an Adcom 5802(300w) could dish out.
Had Vandy 3's and the Bronze plays louder though less dynamic,smaller sounstage and less deep bass but less money as well.