Best speaker on used market around 10,000.00

Owned a ton of speakers, looking for a speaker that has that visceral punch when needed was also won't rip your head off on the top end.
Smooth mids, big sound stage and punch.
Thanks Curleyques
And just to be clear, the Revel Ultima Salon2 bass slam and extension made my jaw drop. The bass drums in Copland's Fanfare for the Common Man in my collection was amazing. Played other classical and soundtrack pieces. Hands down best bass slam. And it wasn't just slam--it was incredibly clean and tight bass.
Like other have mentioned as well I would include Totem wind on your list. But IMHO a pair of Wilson Audio Watt/Puppy 7 speakers can really rock.
Less than 10.000$ and as good or even better Talon khorus II updated xover and Audax as yourself à favor and have à listé for yourself only your ears CAN tell...!!!!!