Best speaker/system piano concerts


I enjoy many type of music but am a big fan of piano concerts. I’ve been to Hifi shows before but often find the music that they are playing not to my taste. 

Does anyone have recommendations for a speaker and amplifier that would be great to reproduce big piano plays realistically? I don’t think it’s easy for a system to have the speed and weight that the piano produces.

Would say speakers that are around 20-25k second hand and amps of 10-15k used

Looking forward to your suggestions.

Piano is very difficult to reproduce. From the recording side and mic’ing to playback. There is a lot of gravitas in the lower registers and the timing of the attack and decay on all the registers is not so easily recorded or reproduced realistically. I think you have to start with a good recording. From there, I would think the upstream components would have an effect on realistic reproduction, totally apart from the ability of the loudspeaker itself to deliver the scale and power of the instrument.
I’ve had a few large vintage pianos (lovely old Bosendorfer that didn’t like to stay in tune, but man, when it was ’voiced’ by a piano swami, that thing just sang in the upper registers).
One record I like for sonics of the piano (it meanders quite a bit) is a blues/vocal record by Claudine Meyers called a Tribute to Bessie Smith or something like that, on Leo Records. The audiophile re-do isn’t close to the sound of the original. This was not an expensive or rare record, but it may be a challenge to find now. I’m thinking it was released around 1980 or so, based on memory.
Regarding loudspeakers for piano concerts, B&W 802d3's are, I concur based on
listening at dealers' showrooms, a great choice....but so physically unattractive compared to the nicely sculpted 802D2's, which I own and which reproduce piano quite 'musically' but with some high frequency ring and suboptimal midrange 'accuracy' as powered by an ML 523 pre-amplifier and ML 532H amplifier.  Any more aesthetically, financially and sonically motivated speaker suggestions ?  Is the 802d3 worth owning....,I agree the used prices are compelling...despite its being the 'ugly sister'?
I own and would recommend Magnepan Tympani 1-D's or Jbl Hartsfields.  They deliver the necessary fidelity and scale. I drop jaws over here with the Maggies/Levinson 23.5/Marantz 7c/ Nakamichi 1000 ZXL/ playing Diana Krall - Love Scenes on cassette...
Years ago I spent the day with an elderly English neighbor who had a pair of old Rogers LS3/5As and a Quad amp, and we listened to a lot of great vinyl piano stuff...a magic day. Although those speakers are hardly full range, the tone and coherence of that rig was astonishing, and the pianos sounded beautiful and utterly alive. Who knew?