Best speaker sytem for Linn majik+mimik setup?

Hello, I just purchased a Linn majik 33w int and a Linn mimik cdp and I am wondering what speakers would sound good with them. I have a budget of $1000.00 (used on Agon) and listen to mostly rock/jazz. I also plan on upgrading to a lk-85 or lk-140 in the near future. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I use a Majik with 2xLK85 and Keilidh [aktiv]. I enjoy this system very much. I would also recommend Tukans.
I had a Mimik and Majik driving Tukans. It's a nice combo. The newer Katans are similar. I later added an LK 85 to passively bi-amp the Tukans. Bass improved, background detail was increased and the Majik ran cooler with the LK 85 helping it. However, the difference was not huge. I would not consider it a cost effective upgrade unless you continue on to active, which is quite a significant improvment. If you want improved bass response above what the Tukan/Katan offers, used Keilidhs could be had for under a thousand.
I have A Mimik with a Wakonda preamp, running 2 LK100's and a LK85 all Aktiv to a pair of Ninkas with the Poly/conc bases. They sound wonderful, Aktiv is the way to go. Ninkas are the replacements for the Keilidhs.