Best speaker wiring

Reviewing some threads on speaker cables for my bi-wirable speakers, I have learned there are different ways of wiring. I was wondering which wiring is the best of the followings and why if possible, assuming the same materials and prices.

1. Single line bare wiring jumping with bare wires/jumpers
2. Double line bare wiring
3. Internally bi-wired cables with two connectors in amp end and four connectors in speaker end
4. Internally bi-wired cables with four connectors in amp end and four connectors in speaker end.
5. Wiring with two sperate pairs of cables

Thank you.

I believe Focal, who manufacture some very fine speakers, has the understanding that it does not make a difference. From the Focal site:


Bi-wiring has now been phased out on all Focal speakers. Rather than investing in a function that has become unnecessary (our OPC filters have been designed to do away with bi-wiring), we opted to use our new top of the range cast-moulded, insulated, ribbed terminals to ensure a tight clamping torque."

In fact I use Focal in my entertainment room [Video enjoyment] and the speaker only have on set of wire connections. Just get a decent set of wires

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