Best speakers 5k 10 k

Lets hear  it..only new. Soundstage and imaging most important. 
At $5k. - Verdant Audio Nightshade 1.   

At $7K - Verdant Audio Blackthorn 1

pricey for smallish monitors but to quote a reviewer from AXPONA, these are “little speakers that deliver big sound”

My speakers, I know so am biased but I have competitive benchmarks and am not an idiot.  If this is your budget, I think I offer a pretty spectacular value as no one is producing composite (Nightshade = Fiberglass, Blackthorn = Carbon Fiber) speakers in this price range and the cabinet makes a huge difference in allowing the speaker to simply do its job.  

Check out Boenicke......then forget the rest. Not exactly forget the rest but your list will grow shorter when compared to any of the Boenicke range. Just my opinion which ain't worth diddly squat....,Having heard many loudspeakers in my time. Nothing crushes them, and certainly many are woefully short of the musicality that Boenicke speakers ooze..
Descending from the $10k price point:
Revel F228Be Paradigm Persona 3F
Salk SS 9.5Focal Kanta No. 2Dynaudio Contour 60