Best speakers around $130k?



"Are you f$&kin kidding me? Can you please explain how spending money on a luxury item is “bad for the planet”? This is why people roll their eyes at tree huggers."

The earth is about 4 billion years old. Humans and their ancestors have been walking the planet for about 6 million years. Humans are bad for the planet!

A 3k speaker isn’t going to impact the planet any less than one that cost 10x as much. Anyone who says otherwise is probably just pissed off about capitalism.

If you can bump it up to $150,000, well then, now we’re talking real speakers.

Diesis, Alsyvox, and Bayz are all very room friendly speakers, more so than Wilson (in my opinion). To get the full potential of Wilson will take more time tweaking setup than any of the speakers mentioned above, yet all speakers benefit from careful setup. (Properly setup Wilsons will deliver a lot of sonic goodness no-doubt; the Alexx V are great speakers.) And while room treatment can & will help in most cases, having a room friendly speaker lessens the need and increases the WAF because you won’t have wall tampons and corner tampons everywhere.

Tidal speakers……..I’ve heard most of the speakers in that price range and ,imo,they are the best. I have had a Magic dealer in my home who thought my Tidals might be the best he has heard….