Im curious what you guys recommend for speakers at a reasonable price. floor standing and center.      cheaper kef, svs, klipsch, what?         i was looking at them three     not looking to spend a ton but dont want to go super cheap.     can someone give me some recomendations for midddle priced speakers.  dont want to spend over 2500 for 2 floor standing id say       let me know your thoughts please.        going to use a svs subwoofer and FOR NOW onkyo tx-nr809 receiver      HELP PLEASE       THANK YOU 
If you're just gonna connect em to a receiver, don't bother. Unless you plan on upgrading to an integrated. Only then will you understand just how poorly the receiver was serving you. Not to mention the misleading advice that led you to rely on it in the first place. Sorry. Lotta misleading advice out there.

Also if you're gonna go the HT center channel route don't bother. With two speakers set up properly the center image will be better from two good speakers (driven by an integrated amp, not a receiver) than any three speakers you can buy for the same budget. 

Its all about the budget- and not the size of the budget either but what's in it.

Get two of the best Tekton you can afford. Ditch the receiver ASAP for a decent integrated. And instead of putting all your money into one sub spread the same budget out over four.
You'll need a load of power and a big square room with walls behind them though. 
@tblanka ...Keep the Onk for awhile (I looked up the's far from 'ghastly', y'all. *S* Stop pushing the bias....), and buy the speakers you Want and Like the sound of....

(Currently that model is $200~350 on eBay....just for reference sake...)

You can use your sub with the 'newbies' and make the call:
Love It....or List It. ;)

Play with your space like all good audi's ought to...right? *G*

THEN (and only when), make the call on 'separates'....and what the budget might cope with. *S*

If the 'home system' can't 'do' NPR on the weekend in my local focal locus....On makes for a 'long weekend' and not necessarily pleasant at times....

As is said:
"Your Results May Vary...."  
I don't know yours...;) *L*
Happy hunting/listening....
...I'm a big fan of the KIS principal.  I only add the 2nd S if I think it's deserved.... ;)

Speakers are and will always be the Biggest Modifier of your experience.

Going 'integrated' at the same time inserts another variable into your equation...which, IMHO (millercarbon, please Note..*s*) has already become a whole new one by nature...

Again....MHO....and I'll stand with it.