Im curious what you guys recommend for speakers at a reasonable price. floor standing and center.      cheaper kef, svs, klipsch, what?         i was looking at them three     not looking to spend a ton but dont want to go super cheap.     can someone give me some recomendations for midddle priced speakers.  dont want to spend over 2500 for 2 floor standing id say       let me know your thoughts please.        going to use a svs subwoofer and FOR NOW onkyo tx-nr809 receiver      HELP PLEASE       THANK YOU 
OK, brace yourself.  I wasn't expecting to like them this much.  I have an old pair of Genesis APM-1s that simply weren't doing it for me anymore.  I needed more.   I've had them for over 10 years, having bought them used.  I bought the JBLs strictly on current owners' reviews.  I was blown away.  They have made my Genesis irrelevant.   I'm not just talking out my ass here when I say that I am finally 100% happy with the sound that I have now.  Everything sounds incredible.   Those reviews you have read are not exaggerating one bit.   Worse case scenario, you can return them if you don't like them.  I'm curious to see what you decide and looking forward to reading your impressions should you get them.   
There are a plethora of choices in your price range, to be sure.  If you like Klipsch - real Klipsch - then the Heresy IV would be your choice, but do yourself a favor and pair them with a tube amp.  I have never heard a Klipsch speaker of any kind (and I've been in to audio for 45 years, including pro audio, and owning a HiFi store back in the day) sound 'right' on even the best solid state gear.  On the other hand, I have heard Cornwalls and an ancient McIntosh MC-240 sound damn near magical.  Going 180 degrees the opposite direction, Magneplanar 1.7i will have size and detail nothing else in this price range can touch.  Just make sure you can pull them away from the walls a couple feet, and that your amp is happy at 4 Ohms. Pivoting yet again, it's hard to ignore the pedigree of the KEF R3 . Think of them as a more forgiving LS-50 with an extra octave of bass or a working man's Reference 1 .  Or for that matter, buy a pair of LS-50s - $899/pr at KEF direct, and get a genuine no-holds-barred Class A speaker and spend the change on a subwoofer.  And I would be remiss if I didn't mention the Goldenear Triton 3 (powered woofer) and Triton 5 (all-passive). So, there are my Top 5 (well 7, counting options) recommendations in the $2500-ish range, each with a distinct approach to sound reproduction, each with impeccable credentials. Happy listening.
Martin logan electromotion Esl, Vandersteen 2ce, Magnapan 1.7i with REL 5i sub or any sonus faber, Monitor Audio, B&W, KEF, Paradigm. Dont know how Focal and Dynaudio sound at 2500 but look for them too. 
I have owned Maggie 0.7s, Revel F30s in my primary system and KEF and Elacs in my secondary system. Currently running Devore 9s in my primary driven by a LM tube amp. The lesson I have learned is that efficiency is the key to the “at a reasonable price” part of the equation. Going efficient will give you a lot of flex w the amp that will save you $.