Best Speakers Compatable with System

I'm in the procesw of upgrading my Artemis-Eos speakers, and am looking to spend about 8-10K new or used. My system consists of BAT VK 75SE amp, THOR pre-amp (tubed, and neutral sounding and dynamic), and a Cary CD301 cdp, which is also tubed with NOS Amperex. Cables are Magnum reference and Synergistic Designer Reference. Speaker cables are XLO, top of the line. Room dimensions are 13x25; sound treated. Listen primarily to Blues, Jazz and some rock music, especially female vocals. Would appreciate any suggestions with respect to speakers to consider that would be a good match for the rest of the system. Thanks for any feedback
I personally have a BAT 51SE and a BAT 75SE matched to a pair of Coincident Total Victory in the short wall of a 14 X 34 ft room. I have done some minor tweaking on the 75SE. The combination sounds excellent. This speakers need about 9 to 10 feet in front of the speaker to integrate well, they will handle more no problem. I am not familiar with the Thor preamp.

If you want more info please e-mail to me directly.

Thank you
Jaime Candelario
I tend to agree with those wondering what you find lacking with the EOS. They are still very good speakers, with or without the bass modules. There are only a couple of speakers that I found better for my tastes, and only one is close to your stated price range. For a two-way that is tube friendly and better (for my preferences), check out Peak Consult Incognito from TMH Audio. Their significant advantage is that they play very well with tube gear, especially of the SET variety, but they can also provide a slightly finer texture to musical images. By this I mean, incisive imaging but with slightly better palpability. However, it's certainly not a cost vs performance difference bargain. Have you considered possibly upgrading the internal wire of the EOS, instead? The crossovers are fanatical in quality, but wire (or at least our appreciation of what wire can do) has progressed since the EOS were first made. It's just a suggestion. Good luck.
Thanks for your feedback...I don't have the bass modules with the EOS, and thus, would like deeper bass and some increased transparency. So, I thought a full range speaker would do the trick. The EOS are, indeed, excellent speakers.
Three suggestions:
1. Think about getting the bass modules. I've seen them (w the EOS) on eBay in the past. You might also get in touch with the designer to see if he'll make you a pair. (Contact me off-line for info.)

2. Think about getting a pair of decent subs to work with the EOS.

3. The Verity Parsifals are a reasonble replacement in sound and configuration.