Best speakers for 15X14 ft room

I am seeking advise/recommendations from the collective knowlege base on speakers for a 15X14 listening room. I'm moving and can't use my large rear ported speakers in such a small area. The new speakers will need to be say a foot off the back wall. Sealed enclosure better? Front ported better? Mini monitor better? I'm not looking to spend $30K on a set of sealed Magicos but Sphile A/B level is good.

Thanks ahead of time to all who respond

I'm curious as to this turns out too.

I'm guessing you've already put the Dahli's in place and didn't like the results?

waht didn't you like?

Tried both walls or are you relagated to only using one? Which?

My vote is for monitors, or mid sized speakers.

Prior to making the switch though, I'd introduce some room treatments to suck up some of that bass , and some diffusers to eliminate some reflections.

Getting new/different speakers is always such a hassle when your rig is already very good or better. usually it takes still more changes than a simple swap out of loudspeakers.
A room that size pretty much sucks without a lot of acoustic attention. My room is 15x14 with a vaulted ceiling and an open plant-shelf wall to a kitchen/dining area. A room this size has peaks at 40, 80, 160hz. I have six ASC tube traps, 1 GIK super trap, 4 GIK bass traps, 3 242 panels, 4 diffusor panels, and now the balance is very respectable post treatment. The speakers in use are sealed box 27" out from the frt wall.

I don't know of many speakers that function within 1 ft of the wall. Guru speakers are made for that application. Otherwise I would think a small standmount that does not extend much below 90hz combined with a sub or pair of subs. This will allow some flexibility in obtaining quality bass.

When I last had the N802's setup, they were 39" from the frt wall masured to the frt of the tweeter and the balance was pretty good, maybe a bit heavy around 40hz and a suckout at 60hz but very listenable. Good luck in your endeavor.
The JVC TH-L1 has many imputs and features, for the sound quality...makes them perfect for a 15ft room.
Hmmmm, just before I suggest anything its hard to even capture the thought based on what you already have as the existing amplification since the list could go on forever which is a great thing.

Something like the Totem Model 1 Signature series with a set of Target R4's filled with lead shot will surely be nice for space restricted zones. Some mid size speakers might work as well depending on how much time you are willing to allocate on experimentation.

Good luck!