Best speakers for 2A3 SET amplifier?

What is the best speaker for a 3.5 watt/channel amplifier?
I do not know if you are still reading this thread of not, but here it goes. I decided to make myself a pair of Voigt Pipes, as it was seen in a website. Materials for the cabinets might have cost me about $100 and the drivers, a pair of Fostex 208Sigmas went for about $350. After all the work, which is more a matter of space and sawdust, also be a little proficient with electric tools, I had the speaker set up. The efficiency with these drivers is about 97db if a little more, but the sound that you get is veritable to something that can easily run you about 3 to 4K. Very detailed, very smooth, quick, although there is not a great deal with bass, but then, you can add one of these folded horn subs from DECWARE, the guys who make the ZEN amp. I think there is a lot you can get with a premade speaker, but making it, and having it sound like heaven with a couple hundred dollars is not all that bad.
I followed this thread when I was researching a SET amp for my Silverline Sonatinas. Now that I have lived with my SET amp - Moth s45 - for a month I though I'd share with everyone my experience.