Best Speakers for a small Nearfield room, budget at most $10000 (used is also ok)

Hi guys, I am a newbie here and am searching the best speakers in a small room (my room is about 13’ x 10’).
Consider a pair of bookshelf or small floor standing (like Magico S1 mk1?). Those speakers will be placed near the corner of the room, may be I will prefer a sealed case.

I listen to female vocals, jazz and light original sound tracks at a relatively low volume. Since I am transferred from a headphone system, what I really care is the musically and smoothness of the system. Any suggestions?

BTW, I am in USA now. What kind of brands that could be easily found in Usa?

Now I am looking at Magico a3 (There are multiple driver for a3, I am afraid it is an overkill for my room), Magico a1(seems good), Raidho xt1, xt2, used c1.1 ?
I would read nearly any review of the Dali Oberon 5 loudspeakers (1199.00 pr) and actually believe those reviews:) On a whim (bored with quarantine!!) I have a pair in here now I’m listening to on 60 day return period against monitors more than double their price and its a smallish room-- just a ridiculous value for the money! Easy to drive, detailed,dynamic imaging champions, tonally dense etc. Full break-in supposedly 100 hours but at around 30-40 they are already very very special and may not be going back:) If I were you, I’d also very much read Stevehuffphoto blog’s musings, as he has a 12’ by 13’ room and loves the B&W 705, 706, Dynaudio Special 40’s and lately the new JBL L82, all of which I’ve never heard.
My room is 10 X 11. I sit 60 inches from the monitors that are on stands. The ATC SCM19 V2 is a closed box, an actual off shoot of their studio monitors. They are very linear with a flat impedance curve. 85 dB sensitivity so they like at least 100 watts, I give mine 200 watts and they sound fantastic IMO..