Best speakers for a small room

Hello all, I'm looking for recommendations for best speakers for a small room. Room is 125 square feet with 10 foot ceiling. 10k budget.  Ideas?


I get the feeling this OP is a fly by but I’m bored & the GF is still at work..
Room size roughly 10’x12’x10’..First off ANY speaker,regardless of size will sound best pulled slightly out into the room to let imaging & staging develope.About 24"off back wall & 18" off side wall is usually a good start.
What kinds of music will be playing?Who is listening?Looking for background music or something you & wife can sit down & melt into?
What kind of electronics are driving the speakers?Is the room highly reflective(wallboard/wood & glass),heavily damped(Carpet,heavy curtains or canvass paintings & overstuffed furniture),or something in between?
ANY ROOM ECHO to kill?Walk around the room & clap your hands overhead,you will hear the slap echo if you have it.
Based on no other intell in OP I recommend:Harbeth Monitor 30.2/30.1 on 24" stands..

my suggestion is Genelec. i have genelec 8330 plus 7360 subwoofer. its best through the digital input. if your playback device has coaxial output you can use digital feed direct into the speakers. This eliminates all  unnecessary DA/ AD conversions. the DAC inside the Genelec speakers is very good quality with fantastic bass impact.

for $10k you should be able to get the 8351B’s, check out their reviews. The included GLM room DSP is superb



Duke is right a horn speaker may be a great choice it will interact less with the room much less than a  conventional dynamic design and many horns can be used up against the wall not requiring the 3-6ft pull-out that the tragic audiophile darlings will require it will also sound better because it's a horn, not a wheezing wee little box.

I put Thiel CS3.7 floor stander into a 12 x 11 x 9 room. I needed to spend $700 to get acoustic treatments from GIK to make this work. I also needed to move reflective surfaces as far away from the speakers. I also do not have anything large in-between the speakers, just an amp. A bookshelf with books behind the speakers also helped.

Since I am a ROON user I was able to use DSP via professionally crafted CONVOLUTION filters. That can make almost ANY speaker work in my space. However, after rearranging the reflective items and adding 1 additional acoustic panel in front of my CD rack I was able to disable the CONVOLUTION filter. I think I am hearing the best possible sound in my room. A bigger room will get more out of the speaker but what I have now is satisfying.

Even though I no longer use the filter, the company that remotely did my DSP filter was this one.

They give you step-by-step instructions on how to measure your room using REW software and a mic. You give them the output files and they run that data through some very complicated software resulting in the DSP convolution files. 

The Charney Audio Maestro is designed for smallish rooms. An 8” full range single driver designed from the tractrix theory. Can be placed against or near the front wall and corners. Depending on driver and finish they run from $2800-$6500.