Best speakers For ARC VT100MKII

Here is a broad question but I thought I would post it and see what everyone has to say: I have been upgrading my system this year but my final quest is still for the right speaker.
I have an ARC VT100MKII (100watts per ch) paired with a LS25MKII and CD3MKII. Transparent super Bi-Cable with Transparent Bal IC's and power cable. I tried the Vandersteen 3A sig, just didn't work in my room. Considering the B&W 804D's, but concerned that I do not have enough power. I don't listen at extreme volumes but I don't want hear the amp strain or run out of headroom. Currently using my old Martin Logan Aeons which sound great but looking for a bit "bigger" sound and more more on par with the rest of gear.
Thank you
I basically had the same electronics in my system for a time and they matched up particularly well with Dunlavy SC-5 speakers. The Dunlavys have been mfg discontinued for some time, but now represent one of the best resale values in all of high-end audio. The one catch is that the Dunlavys are large speakers and need some room to be at their best.
I heard this amplifier at a friend's home driving Soundlab M1's effortlessly.
We were all amazed. Later I heard the same speaker with various other amps but none seem to match as well though they had more power.
a pair of Proac 2.5 or 3.5 or 3.8 would be great with the VT100 ... what did you find lacking the the Vandy Sig 3's though?? might help to know in order to get recommendations
Two questions:

#1: Describe the sound or performance you are seeking, as different goals and objectives (likes/dislikes) will play a significant factor.

#2: Have you done anything to maximize the performance of your room? A properly treated room will have a huge impact. You have invested in some very good equipment which can provide excellent performance. But it can also sound really crappy if the room isn't any good.