Best speakers for max. $3000?

  I would like to upgrade to some new speakers and I might have a maximum of $3000 to spend if all goes well.
I don't care if they are new or used but my real world experience is limited so I am asking the experts!   I know it is subjective.
  I have Mirage OM-7s now with a HSU sub.  My amp is a Bryston 100B SST.  
Also, I have a chance to buy a set of Thiel CS 2.4s. I plan to try them.   Thanks for any advice!
The latest Vandersteen 2CESig 3 would have to be in your consideration. In its latest form, it uses the patented Five A series woven cone midrange/ Tweeters the word is spreading nicely. A Fact, this series is the best selling loudspeaker in Hi End history.
  Best, JohnnyR Vandersteen Dealer
Verona NJ