Best speakers for near rear wall placement?

A friend of mine is almost finished with a major remodel. The contractor says his ESS AMT-3 speakers must go!

He asked my advice on what would be a good choice for some smallish (not too tall or wide) speakers that would sound good very close to the rear wall.

Any ideas?

I would give the Direct Acoustics "Silent Speaker" a try. It is designed to work near/against a wall. Here's a link to a good positive feedback review:

The company has a generous return policy too, so you can't really go wrong.


Limited opitons, so these are just for consideration, not because I necessarily think them "best"; some Linn's and Klipsch.
If your friend doesn't listen at loud levels he might be best served by getting small speakers with a high bass roll off and supplement these with a sub woofer. Not optimum, but it could solve the bass reinforcement most all floor standers will experience when placed near boundries. Is that an option? Does you friend have a budget?
The smaller Totems work okay against a wall - if you can give them even a foot or so they're not bad. Gradient has some that are designed to work well against a wall although I don't think they are small. He could go with some good standmount monitors and a sub.