Best speakers in 2k-3k price point

Looking for speakers in this price range that would match up with Rogue Audio 99 preamp and 120 monoblocks. I like all kinds of music. I tend to shy away from certain metal dome tweets. I don't like a soundstage that is in your face. I like the music to sound good at low levels to moderately high. Monitors or fullrange would be considered. I use a Sony SCD-777es for my source. Thanks to all of you for your help. Ginny.
Used Merlin VSM-SE's (or VSM-M if you can find a pair). They work great with tubes, have an excellent tweeter (the Dynaudio Esotar), and Bobby at Merlin highly recommends them with Rogue gear. He has done at least one electronics show using Rogue amps and preamps in their demo room.
I'll third the Vandersteen 3A signatures. They are one of the most MUSICAL speakers you will find.

I currently own Apogees and used to own Vandy 4's. They're very different animals... The Apogee's resolve to the nth degree - fun if you enjoy picking apart components, cables, recordings, etc. When everything is right, there is simply nothing better out there IMHO, but if anything is off (recording, component, etc.) they really show it and it's hard to simply sit back and enjoy the music.

The Vandy's (I've spend quite a bit of time listening to both the 3A's and the 5's) are simply very musical. Both use the same top-end components. At first impression, they seem very laid back (almost too much so) but what you find after spending time with them is that they envelope you in very lush, warm sound. They suck you in and you find yourself listening for hours without realizing how much time has gone by... This is their magical ability.

From a soundstage perspective, they throw about the largest of the dynamic driver speakers that I've heard. If your electronics are good, the stage will extend significantly beyond the outer sides of the speakers and easily 10 feet back in depth. Again, it takes good electronics to make them really sing....

Richard Vandersteen has a theory about using only first order crossovers (6db slope). His theory is by using first order crossovers, that the phase is maintained throughout the audio spectrum. I believe there is something to this based on what I've heard....

These are just my subjective impressions. Find the 3A's and spend some time really listening to them. Everything music wise is there and in its proper place time and space wise with them being at all fatiguing.

Good luck,

Duke, nice post and glad to see that you've joined the "I just wrote a novel" club : )

As to the Shahinian's, i think that you need an amp with great speed and control on the bottom end to get the best out of them. Otherwise, they can come across as a little slow and heavy sounding. Other than that, they are a great speaker when properly matched with corresponding electronics and cabling. Sean
Hi Sean, yeah I wanna be the next Bob Harley. Ha! Hey, when you bringin' your dumptruck over to haul away all those junk speakers I mentioned over on the "top ten" thread??