Best Speakers under 1k for me

Hey guys, so my birthday is coming up and I want to put some money towards a new speaker purchase. My current setup is Chromecast-Topping D30-LM3886 Chip amp (in progress)-Q Acoustics Concept 20.

I've been hearing great things about the lxmini's and Zu audio Omen. My room is about 11x13ft and one half of my front wall is a double pane window. I can build another amp pretty cheaply for biamping.

What do you think? I'd prefer to not use a separate subwoofer.
Hi , interesting post . How high is your ceiling ? Do you have carpet ? Cloth covered furniture ? Have you tried hanging a couple blankets for a test ? Sounds like you need to address room issues first . I have MK I Omens and love them . My room is 18x20 with a vaulted ceiling and very thick carpet . I have heavy drapes and a huge cloth covered sectional . As far as Zu’s people either Love or Hate them . I have a sub , but don’t really need one . Have you considered an inexpensive tube amp kit ? I rotate between 12 wpc and 60 wpc Tube gear . I’ve also used a vintage Marantz SS receiver and a Modwright 200 wpc integrated . Your question is best answered by Zu, email them . When I contacted Zu about amps , Mr Sean responded  the next day ! I can share pics and a boatload of experience, as I bought used Zu’s and then spent $10k building a system around them . Message me and we’ll talk . Regards , Mike B. 
For under $1K? Maybe a different path would give you better results. A Mac. a good sw (e.g. JRiver), and a pair of HomePods would sound excellent. You can pick a pair of HomePods for $300 each at Costco. They will beat any cheap speakers under $1K and possibly under $2K.