Best ss pwr amp for LS26

Which ss pwr amp would make great mate with Ls26 preamp. 150-200wpc @ 8ohms.Thanks
I used a pair of the NuForce Ref9 V2 SE with the LS26 and thought it was a fantastic combo.
I think matching the amp to your speakers is much more important than preamp and amp. What speakers do you have?
A pair of Mcintosh MC275 amps in mono at 150 wpc. Ive heard the LS26 with 1 Mac and it was impressive at 75 watts. Excellent bass, midrange bloom with good resolution in the highs and excellent decays. Very hard to beat in their price range, under 10,000.00 new or 6000.00 for the pair used.
I am really pleased with the LS26 driving a SS amp. I'm using a Class D in a bi-amp configuration (2@250wpc and 2@500wpc). Also, silver wire balanced interconnects. Great combination at a very reasonable price and maintains the personality of the LS26.