Best standalone music server?

So I am considering dipping my toes into the full digital world and was wondering what people here may consider as the best standalone music server, and here I am going to be specific.
I do not want to consider a home pc or mac based type of system at all!
Looking at adding one of the standalone models like for example the Wyred4sound ms1 or cocktail audio.
High on my list is ability to rip my cds directly at the unit itself, access to internet radio and other music apps (Pandora etc). High quality built in dac would be nice but if not then high quality digital out to run to an external dac. I will not be needing to access music files stored on another pc as my home pc is pretty old but fully functional for my simple needs. The only music looking to access from it right now are ripped cds and internet available music in whatever form.
So if it worked out well, yes it may be a replacement even for a cd player completely

Thank you
Please post about your experience with the interface and metadata. I have been thinking about getting a Vault2 myself, and have seen some negative comments about the interface. Perhaps the bugs are worked out now.

Getting back to the original posters request, a Server which includes ripping, a possibility I haven't seen suggested is Innuos. This UK/Portuguese collaboration has had a very good review on HiFi Plus and comes in a variety of forms to suit most budgets. It is now available in the US I believe. Not sure what pricing is like over there, in the UK it is quite a bit cheaper than Aurender and Melco. It also includes SSD and HDD drive options, up to 4 TB's.

 I use a traditional Mac Mini into a DAC, in my case, an Ayre QB9 and am wondering what a HiFi component has to offer, in terms of sound quality. I am going to a UK show soon, where Innuos promises to have the three parts of the upgrade path, Zen Mini, Zen and Zenith, available to compare. I will report back on the results.

  There seems to be an unresolved dispute, shown in this thread. On the one side, all you need is a computer/NAS, on the other,  a Server, streamer will always be better. What would be great, is blind comparison between say a Mac Mini and, Innuos, Melco or Aurender, Server. I can not remember seeing one. If there has been one, please direct me to it.


So here we are now and a very happy owner of the bluesound vault2 which fills my want list at every step!
so easy to use even my wife can handle it, i am controlling it via the bluos app in android and no issues at all, it found my network and home computer in seconds, i did not have to do a single thing!
busy ripping cds to it AND adding already ripped music to its library.
sound quality?
played same cd three diff ways, from my already ripped music files on the home pc, from a ripped file direct to the vault and the original cd through my esoteric.
tbh........possibly the esoteric had a little more warmth and feel but that may also be as it is running through cardas balanced connects whereas the vault only has rca although i am using a pair of mit terminator 2 connects on it.
all in all SO FAR.....very satisfied indeed!
My experience has been that they are all quite sonically lacking, even  B&W's and the new one. I've tried about everything, and truly believe it is not the equipment, but the terrible mixes available for mass consumption.