Best streamer for a returning audio guy

Hello, hope you all can help. My question is what is the most reasonable streamer to try in my system to see if it works for me? 
  A little background is in order . I’m an older gentleman, who was into audio years ago. I’m currently rebuilding my system with newer technology. I have significant older components. Such as Adcom separates, ( not currently using), Yamaha reciever rxa 2000 as a preamp, Rotel amp driving center speaker and rears, crown class d driving main speakers, I have many speaker choices. Currently using Kef 105/2 as mains ( have Martin Logan’s as well) , Martin logan cinema as center, Martin Logan’s a rear surround. All interconnects and speaker wires are morrow audio. 
 I am / was old school with over 1500 vinyl album’s from years of collecting. About 100 cds. One interesting note, this rebirth of my interest in audio came with my wife giving me a turntable for Christmas several years ago. Finally joked it up and after 30 years I was hooked again!!!

  On to my question, it appears that almost everyone is now streaming their music. Ok, I understand the concept ( have Sirius in the car) . What is the best unit to try this out. Can’t break the bank, used is ok, actually preferred. Any outlet advice would be appreciated. 
  I’m working to eventually get to the level of most of you. I have visited my local real hi fi store and have heard the”great” components and eventually I’ll get there. Thanks, and looking forward to your replies. Twodogs112.



I also worked the board for many well known artists visiting concert venues in my area. Just a few to mention a few, chuck mangione, Maynard furgison, and many others.

That is really cool.  I was and still am a huge Maynard Ferguson fan.  I was the weird kid in grade school/high school who preferred rocking out to Maynard's "MF Horn" albums instead of the popular rock and top 40 artists.  His "High Voltage" period is a little cringy, though...

Back to streamers, I'll also recommend the Bluesound Node as a starter.  I know you mentioned looking for used.  Just an FYI, there is a difference in processors (1 GHz in 2i vs 1.8 GHz with 64-bit support in Node) and a better DAC (192KHz max on 2i vs 384KHz on Node).  I can't personally speak to the sonic improvements due to those differences.  I own the newer Node model and have only casually listened to the older 2i at my dealer.  I'm pleased with the sound.  The reviews I've read comparing Node to Node 2i give the nod to the Node because of the better DAC.  I will hopefully be getting my new preamp soon with what I believe should be a higher end on-board DAC and am curious to see if using that DAC with the Node makes any discernible difference.

Thanks for the reply, mr Maynard was a bit demanding. Mangione was far more laid back. Thanks for the input on the node. A Dac  is not a concern for me, have a pop/pulse currently and just ordered a bifrost after much research. As time and funds permit I’ll upgrade to better electronics. I have many other project that take my funds and time. I’m currently restoring a 69 mg for the second time and a few other cats as well . Thanks.


mr Maynard was a bit demanding. Mangione was far more laid back

Fun fact: My old high school used to host Maynard and his band for a weekend of shows every 4 or 5 years. My best friend’s dad was the HS band director and was the one who coordinated the concerts. After the show, the band used to stick around and shoot hoops in the gymnasium. Maynard didn’t stick around, but the rest of the band and crew would. They always said Dennis DiBlasio was a real hoot.

Ah -- so since you already have a DAC with USB input, have you considered using your laptop/PC and the Tidal and/or Qobuz desktop app as the streamer into your PopPulse just for a quick test? That wouldn’t cost you anything other than the Tidal/Qobuz subscription fees after your free trials run out. Maybe not quite the same level of fidelity as a standalone streamer, but might be enough to give you a taste of streaming without needing to invest much of anything right away.

Got a new Mac book pro. Still discovering what it can do. I managed to load all my music from my asus laptop to an old iPod. Then loaded it all on a thumb drive. Next step will be pictures from the asus. Can’t get my system due to renovations to my house. Delays with materials is a pain. Everything is delayed!!! Currently living in living room( sounds weird). You make an excellent point however. I’ll try as soon as I’m able.

  Funny note, I just discovered Apple has music on my wife’s Apple TV!!! Who knew? Thanks.

You are right about Maynard, I worked for a smaller nightclub ( maybe 150 people) doing the board work. Back in those days artists would come and play to get their name and sound out there. We didn’t have big rock concerts then. Oh, to be young again!!!