Best sub 2k SS subwoofer amp w volume controls?

Will be driving a passive sub from this amp. Bass quality is therefore ONLY sonic attribute I care about for the amp. Gain controls are big plus, as will then have ability to adjust bass independently of other HT channels. Also, my HT processor has balanced out for the sub, therefore XLR ins on the amp would be a bonus (although not critical). Also, need it to be 6" or less in height, as would like to fit in in my rack- 19" or less in width as well. Finally, something that runs cool would be great.

OK- one example of an amp that fulfills these requirements is the 2-channel Parasound HCA-1500. It is 2-channnel; bridgeable; high-current design with gain controls as well. However, I have heard the extreme sub-40 hz LF response may be somewhat lacking on this amp (ironic, because it fits ALL the other parameters!).

Any other ideas? I know this one is a tall order, so not expecting many responses, but just thought I would throw it out there! Thanks.

Hi Sutts,

I used to own a pair if Infinity IRS Beta speakers. I went through Krell, Bryston, etc. for the (8) 12" woofers. I was moving amps around and hooked up a QSC M3000a as a temporary amp. It blew away the Krell KSA-150 and Bryston 4B NRB. The bass was solid to 20 Hz and slam was much better. Best of all, the amp had volume controls and cost less than $1000 NEW!

The QSC PLX 3002 is now available with a switching power supply, 3000 W @ 8 ohms bridged, runs cool, weighs 21# and takes 2 rack spaces. Still around $1000. If you are interested, you might check with a local pro musicians store. They may let you demo one. QSC also makes lower wattage versions with the same power supply.

Good Luck!!!
Given your criteria, I'd pick up a Crown Power Base 2. It is very clean and ultra tight, not to mention reliable. It will put out over 900 watts bridged. Order the low noise fan blade from Crown and keep the filter clean. Unusual three position gain (approx. 22/26/30 dB) and level control(s) make system matching easier. It also has a ground lift switch to help with ground loops. With the FET conversion it's a great full range amp for the money ($500 used) also.
thanks for the tips- I also learned that Bryston has gain control option available, and it will fit in my rack, but the other options also sound good.