Best subwoofer's for $2k/pair???

I have a pair of ML electrostats (ESL9), NAD M22 amp, Marantz NR1608 (soon to be replaced with a real processor like NAD M17 or Anthem 60, gotta have those balanced outputs). Now I must turn my attention to the subs. Looking for a good pair that will match well with my system. I will be using these for tv as well as vinyl so I would assume sealed over ported for the tighter bass.
OK with all that said,... what would you recommend around $2 - $2.5k/pair. I've been looking at ML, SVS, and Rel but haven't had the pleasure to hear them in person yet
REL, great. Their $1000 T/7i is a winner, the T/9i is a bit more but delivers a lot more. They are the pros out of this group you mention.

SVS is home theatre stuff but some users think they’re ok for audio too.
I have an older ’R-series’ REL (R328, $1600 in 2013) which at the time was their top-tier (now it’s the S "Serie"). Yes it’s good - but not $1600 good.

With that in mind I briefly considered REL S-series when shopping dual subs for my main room. Then I moved on - all things considered I think they’re overpriced. I looked at Rythmik, Hsu, PSA and finally ended up taking a chance on dual Syzygy SLF870’s, with some bank to spare ($$$). I haven’t looked back.

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I'd look for a couple of used SVS SB13 Ultra subs.  They should be available for under your budget.  I think you'd have a hard time getting more bang for your buck.  If you prefer new, increase your budget and look at the SB 4000.  Another option is a pair of Rythmik F12s, also in your budget.
A pair of Vandy 2wq's should be under $2K.
And, unlike most other brands, they are built like tanks.
You need to buy the external crossovers, which, once you settle on the proper impedance, are around $200 for fixed values.
The best part of the Vandy system is that your amp is relieved from the power draining bass frequencies and can perform at higher efficiency.