Best surprisingly good value component

Like many of you, I try many components, liking many of them, before settling on one for the final system component (thank God for Audiogon, and buying and selling used gear). Many times I am shocked that the biggest name, and most expensive doesn't sound the best in my system.

I tried many (11) DAC's before settling on the Bryston that I had in my system for a long time. I have had many, many subs, and even more phono stages, both tubed and SS.

So my question is what is the component you have in your system now that is the "best bargain". In other words probably much below the cost of the other components, but you just can't get rid of it because it sounds so good?

For me it's easy: PS Audio GCPH Phono Stage modded by Parts Connexion (sold mostly by Underwood). I bought this as I tried to find the best sub $5k phono stage I could get, and never found one that bettered this to my ear. I don't know that everyone would have this experience, but with my set up, I have yet to find a better phono stage.

I recently went to a higher output cartridge, and tried to go back to the phono stage on my Cary SLP98p F-1 that I have always loved, and found that the Modded PS Audio bests it in all ways by a mile.

Let's hear what your best "bargain" gear is?

My Tekton Katz Meow speakers (version 1). I've had planers, ESLs, and horns and had all sounding good. But I kept looking for better. I'm pretty sure that part of it is that those speakers were too big for the room.
I did not expect the Tektons to better the speakers I had, but Eric said go for it and gave me a 30-day trial so I did. The no frills Tektons have me listening more than I have in years, maybe more than ever.
the Adcom GPS 565 preamp around 200.00 is a great bargin. I would also include a pair of sound dynamics 300ti speakers. For less then 200.00 used you get a speaker almost as good as a pair of spendor sp-1. For amps B&K 202 plus and a Classe DR-9. Both very reliable and tube like...TT you have to go with an original square motor used welltempered.
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