Best Temporary Record Cleaning Options

I have a new TT on order and need to line up some record cleaning options. This is my first TT since 20+ years ago when I used a discwasher on an old technics table. I will be slowly buildiing a vinyl collection from both new and used sources. I am not going to be able to throw down for an automatic for a while so I need a fiarly good temporary product that will help me get and keep records in great shape. In my search of the archives there is some amazingly in-depth content about record cleaning solutions and automatic machines but I can't seem to locate info on what the best options are for brushes, kits, etc.
The link below will take you to a discussion regarding options for building your own inexpensive RCM. If you need greater detail or more info, I'd be happy to talk with you. Good luck!

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Paul Frumkin
Use a carbon fibre brush and avoid the use of any liquids like the plague as they will surely enslave you and your record collection. Ask the man behind REGA..
I agree with Doug. I've found that RRL and a vacuum RCM are the best methods.

There are plenty of ideas that have been shared on this forum and in the Vinyl Asylum forum regarding DIY vacuum cleaning machines.

I have several friends who use an old turntable from a garage sale along with an inexpensive wet/dry vac, available at any hardware store. You can usually pick up a new wet/dry vac for less than $40. Buy some velvet to use for the contact area and presto!

Folks go into greater detail about how to do this correctly. Do a search.

good luck!
I too have and use the KAB EV-1 and RRL fluids. Remember that the EV-1 is derived from the Nitty Gritty machines. I like Buggtussel Vinyl-Zyme Gold for fingerprinted and/or moldy oldies. And the Audioquest carbon fiber brushes spread the RRL the best I've seen.IMHO
Why not using mixture of tap water, a bit of dishwasher soap and a decalcifier detergent to wash the vinyl? After cleaning and rinsing with tap water you can use a sponge to wipe it dry.