Best things 'in life'

I thought this would be interesting, I just came across a thread that asks to list the best things of your own hometown and the opening post listed the best things that came from Philidelphia.
Well this is a little different. Since audiophiles tend to be more analytical and observant than non-audiophiles I thought alot can be learned from each other if we list the things we have come to appreciate in our life.
I will start with a few things that I happen to appreciate greatly!
Beer: (what better place to start)
...... Belgian is the country to choose for beer with charecter and layers of flavors and hints of fruit and herbs or cheese. But the very best of the best of the best as in not only in the best beer of the world but more like as in all food is: duchese de Bourgogne, just amazing!!!
Food, the best dish ever: Fish Taco, in New Canaan Connection at Rosie's. Everything they make is awesome!
Champagne: Vueve Clicquot, prior to this one I never ever liked champagne, but this one I love, not expensive only $40 +-
Cheese: La tur, great with grapes,alot of flavors in there
Best picture with Peter Sellers: After The Fox

Thanks for contributing in advance!
And food too is special so here are some awesome places to eat in and around nyc!!!!
Italian: Il corallos trattoria, on prince st.
French/New American: Pascalou, 93rd and Madison
Greek: Stamatis, Astoria broadway and 34th
Japanese: Takahachi, Duane or Reade st. Tribeca
Brazilian: Favela, Astoria 28th ave. 34th st.
Best Fish Taco: Rosie's, in New Canaan Conn.
Best Raw Bar: Aquagrill, Spring st and 6th ave.
and..........: Oceangrill, Columbus and 77
Best Belgian Bar: Burp Castle 7st off 2nd Ave.
Band : Beatles
Food: Saute grade A Foie Gras
Concert : Pink Floyd
Speaker : MBL
Dog : Pug
Drink : Sauterne
Movie : 2001
Actor : Charlton Heston
Actress : Meryl Streep
Liquor : single malt scotch
Director : Scorsese
A hot cup of Dunkin Donuts coffee in the morning... there is NOTHING like that first sip.