Dear 'gonners'

I have a lovely Pickering XSV 4000 MM cartridge. I understand this to be from the heyday of high compliance MM cartridges when the correct tonearm was lightweight etc.
As a result of this I have decided to have 2 arms on my turntable - one for this, and another for my Transfiguration Temper V
I already have a Moerch DP6 and am considering a light arm wand, but I was simply gonna use this for my Temper V.
Can someone recommend a tonearm from the heyday of light arms in the 70's that will be suitable - thanks
Grace 707 is a fine arm for a high compliance cartridge. A step up from the Grace is the SME 3009/3012 line.
How about new Well Tempered Lab LTD MK2 tonearf with effective mass of 10g (for very high compliance cartridges) ?
I am using a Signet XK50 with the Soundsmith Aida High Compliance Cartridge. The Signet was one of if not the first to use the counterweight so that it was on line with the stylus thus providing even and constant downward stylus pressure on the varying surfaces of vinyl. The cartridge tracks at 1 gram.
SME III w/ hyper stiff titanium-nitride very low arm mass of 5 g fits the fuzziest MMs, w or w/o fluid damping. This arm gets the best out of SHURE´s top dogs, and likely all other top MMs. Reasonable price. Looks very beautiful too.

State of the Art.
If a high compliance MM or MI cartridge was in my future, I would not hesitate to go the SME 3012 route.  I had good results (back in the day) using a Grace 707, but there's no comparison to the SME 3012.