Best tonearm for London Reference Cartridge

i have a Decca London Reference Cartridge (LRC), actually mounted in an older Mission Mechanic tonearm and would like to ask you with which tonearm one can get the most out of this wonderful cartridge.
The player is a Kuzma Stabi Reference and a Thorens TD 124, other arms i use are Sumiko MDC 800, Shindo Meursault and old Decca for ffss cartridges, but in these i haven´t tried it yet, but all these tonearm run with other cartridges so fantastic, that i don´t want to change them.
Some people recommend the long VPI 12.5, 12.6 or 12.7 tonearms. Have you some other suggestions?
Thanks very much!
If you are open to something different you might contact Vic at Trans-Fi. He mentioned to me that the London Reference is his favorite cartridge on Terminator Pro. To eliminate hum problems with this cartridge he developed a screened 4N silver IC that runs uninterrupted from cartridge to phono stage.
I've not used the Reference, but I've had two Deccas since the early 80s. Damped unipivots were the conventional choice; I use a Hadcock. These compensated for the lack of vertical compliance in the Decca design. Air bearing arms should also do the trick as they aren't rigid in a vertical plane either.

Dear Breezer: I don't own that Decca cartridge but seems to me that The Mechanic is very good match and as you own the MDC 800 this one seems to me very good for it too. Do you already try it in the Sumiko? do you have some problem with the Mechanic/Decca quality performance?

If you want some improvement on both tonearms maybe a fresh internal re-wiring could help.

Regards and enjoy the music,