Best TT/Arm/cartridge combo for 3k Used

Last time I listened to vinyl it was called a record and I listened to it on a record player. Now you know the level of my knowledge, help me out.Thanks a lot.
A new Nottingham Spacedeck/SpaceArm combo is $2495.
Put a Grado Sonata or Dynavector 10X4 or 20XL in it
and you got a great music making machine.
You will also need to budget around $1,000 for a high quality phono stage. Don't underestimate the importantance of this component.
Get A used Linn LP12/ Ekos/Lingo/Arkiv/Linto or an LP12/Ittok/etc or the equivanent and don't worry about vinyl anymore.
I'm with Nrchy and Onhwy61 above. There is a used SOTA Star for $500 on the 'gon right now. SOTA is still in business and can update/check out the table for a very good price. Put a reasonable arm on it (Rega is a good choice, I have an ET2 on mine), a good cartridge (Clearaudio Aurum/Grado TLZ/Dynavector D17MR have all worked wonders for me in the past) and make sure you have a good phono stage - you'll be in heaven! I think the Nottingham would be a good choice too - they come up used in the $1500-2K range periodically. Have patience young Jedi, everything comes up for sale on the 'gon sooner or later.