Best TT for the buck?

Hello everyone, This is my first post on the website as i have just become a member. I am fairly new to hifi audio and want to get a turntable. I want the audio quality to be very good, considering my price range that is and i am not opposed at all to going the used route and may even prefer it. My budget will be no more that 600 and trying to keep that to 500. All opinions are appreciated!
Thanks for any advice or help in advance. Ive already lost several hours on the website. its very addictive
I was wondering if anyone else was getting the Flight of the Concords reference. Love this thread because each time I read it, I hear the little bit about "my rhymes are bottomless...." and the associated irony of the pregnant pause in my head.

Hipho, sounds like you made a good decision. I think you will enjoy it very much. I know that I am in the same boat, and my eyes are really being opened up to the virtues of vinyl. I have no dealer in my area to assist with tt setup, but the guys at Needledoctor were very helpful in making sure that I ended up with a plug and play setup (and with a cartridge that was a good match.


One other tidbit that might be helpful: I bought a 16"*16"*2.75" cutting board (Mountainwoods brand) and attached 3 small pyramid isolation pads from Radioshack. It looks great, ands works well as an isolation platform for my tt-- all for around $25.

Hey Orpheus10...... Thanks for the compliment. And the music sounds absolutely wonderful. I did something similar to PMB .... a 3/4" thick MDF board, sitting on eight Vibrapods, serving as an isolation base for my table. Nice !