Best Tube Amp For Sonus Faber? Or Pass XA-100.5? $6-7,500 Budget, Purchasing Used.

As the title says, I have a pair of Sonus Faber Olympica III's that I am more than pleased with, for which I am trying to determine the best available amplifier, preferably tube. Of course, there are always budget limitations and my budget for this amp would be $6-7,500, and I would be buying used to maximize purchasing power.

Based on a lot of research, and quite a few auditions at brick and mortar stores, various home systems, Axpona, etc. I'm honestly not sure if there are any truly exceptional tube amplifiers available within that budget that meet my needs. These speakers need 100wpc tubed, or 200 wpc solid state, into 4 ohms to really open up and perform. 

If, in the end, there are no really great tubed options, I've always heard that the Pass Labs XA-100.5's were probably the optimal choice in solid state for former tube lovers. I would also appreciate any thoughts on that option from owners. 

I am not a technical minded guy. Bought the Steelhead because it was not only a great phonostage but had the means necessary to drive amps directly. And it does wonderfully.
Maybe the SS power supply; Call Manley or ask one of the tech guys here.
The combo is great for a 70s, 80s, rock & roll vinyl guy like me.

Best Wishes on this Journey 

A 100wc or higher tube amp is going to be just as hot as a pass amp. or hotter

I've run 100wc Cary mono blocks and they were hot with all those heaters burning away. not to mention the power flow.

I lust after a Steelhead unfortunately my Navy salary doesn't support one at the moment   ;-) 

My vac 200 iq is 100+ watts tube amp and runs warm but wouldn't say "hot."  Leave the cage off of the tube amps and you should be fine.  ARC are not the only tube amp that can handle the Olympica 3.  More options are out there- vac would be at the top of my list.  Best of luck.