Best tube amp s for magnepan 3.6r

I have a pair of 3.6r's. I am driving them with rogue m-150 mono amps. I think I need more power, but would like to stay with tubes. The system is used entirely for vinyl and the preamp is a CAT SL-1.
Any recommendations?
I used an ARC VT 130SE with great success. Of course there is the matter of room size and preferred listening level.
Mine worked fine with a Mcintosh MC2102. All of the above caveats about room size and listening level apply. Skip
I think the reason we have so many recomendations is the maggies really are an ideal amplifier load. They have tremendous power handling capabilities. They can sound good with solid state or tubes. it really depends on the type of music you like. If you like female vocals and acoustic instruments go with tubes. If you like rock and roll or large orchestra muisic go with solid state.