Best Tube CDP for $2000 Budget

Want to try a tube CDP in my system, have always owned solid state and currently have Rega Saturn and Meridian G08.
Looking for that smooth relaxed sound that minimizes any faults/digital hardness in average recordings while still preserving decent detail. I know this is the paradox of an audiophile, but I want to relax and feel the music and not worry about maximum detail presentation.

Am looking at Raysonic CD 128 and Cayin CD 17T, can anyone comment on these or have any other favorites?

Also please compare them to other CDPs you have heard, thanks.
I contacted Pacific Valve about the Doge 6 and got this response:

The player is designed by Dr. Lua and made by Jolida which is made by Shenda. The Doge 6 is the same as the LUA Apassionato that is sold in Germany by LUA Audio. If you visit the LUA web site, you can find more information about it there.

Here is a pdf. on the LUA Apassionato:

I would like to hear impressions from Audiogon members who actually own the Doge 6.
Thae descrip of the Doge 6 with 6 out tubes single ended triode makes me think twice about the wonderful Cayin 17 with its 4 tube 6922 output..... I have pre comming from pacific in a few weeks, may have to do other business with them..
I just looked at the guts of the Doge 6. For me there is no choice, staying with my Cayin 17.
hi bartokfan:

i just completed my review of the melody cd m10. go to the website to read it.

i am still looking for a cd player. i was considering the cayin. i heard the sacd player and was told by a salesman from acoustic sounds that the two were very close sonically. you may be in for an unpleasant surprise.
please keep me informed about the cayin.

right now, i would like to hear the 4 tube prima luna, which is due out later this month.

have you heard the unison players ??