Best tube mono blocks under $15,000?

Currently running McIntosh C2300 preamp and am leaning towards running Mc275s in Mono configuration but I'm new to tubes is there anything sweeter or better out there for the money? Thanks for any input.
As we speak ther are a pair of Mc 2301's just under your budget (14995). I would check em out, just popped up in the classifieds.
Atma-sphere MA-1's should give you everything you need as well as heat your home. As with all amps speaker match is very important.

Power rating: 150 watts/channel into 8 ohms/145 watts into 4 ohms
Power bandwidth: 2 Hz - 75 kHz within .5 dB
Frequency Response: (1 watt): 1 Hz - 200 kHz within .5 dB (-3dB @ 1 Mhz)
Phase Shift: less than 1 degree @ 20 kHz
Power supply storage: 600 Joules/chassis
Output section rise time: 600V/micro-second

Power consumption: 500 watts/chassis
Tube compliment: 14 6AS7s and 4 6SN7s per channel
Input impedance: 100k/ohms single-ended; 200k balanced
Output impedance; 1 ohm
Signal-to-noise ratio -95 dB