Best tube pre-amp below US $ 10.000,00 ?

any suggestions ?
Wyetech Opal. Tube pre with all the benefits of tubes (realism, soundstage, etc.), with none of the downsides (weak or bloated bass, excessive warmth, etc.) Built to outlast the listener and a unique beauty to boot. About $8600. Used to have a Hovland HP-100, great pre but in a different class. Have heard the CJ's but they have in varying degrees the CJ "golden glow". Wyetech is dead neutral. Almost never found on used market, which should tell you something.

One man's opinion.

I know there a guy or two out there with tin ears but for my money the deHavilland Mercury 2 is the best preamplifier I have ever heard. Large tubes large soundstage. No sizzle no bacon frying on the stove. Just clean tonally correct music. Yes music. I know that is a dirty word in hi-fi.
Your website shows you as a retailer for the deHavilland. A little disclosure is appropriate here I believe. Thank you.
I tried the Mercury 2 (and sent it right back), and if you are referring to me having tin ears, well - you know what you can do with your shill sales post....